Camera Decisions

Over the past five years I’ve always wished that I could become a YouTuber.  I’ve tried making a few videos in the past but later deleted them because the quality of the videos weren’t as good as I aimed for.  My webcam is extremely pixellated, and my old iPod’s camera wasn’t much better.  Between the time span of 2014 and 2015, I’ve grown far more serious about making videos on YouTube.  I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching technology like video cameras, and I’ve fallen in love with the Canon PowerShot G7X.

Although it has an expensive price tag of just under $500, I truly believe that it will be worth the money.  First of all, I have noticed that many YouTubers start off with a webcam and build their way up, buying pricier cameras as time goes on.  Through this method, if they buy a camera worth $100, then $200, then $300, all the way to $500 and over, they are losing hundreds of dollars over time.  With the money they spent on cameras they will no longer use, they could have bought other equipment, such as light boxes and video editing software.  Another reason that I believe I would benefit from this camera is that my grandparents are visiting this summer after five years, and I want to have the best quality pictures possible to document their stay.  We’re going to go camping to my favorite place in the world, Sequoia National Park, and having a good quality camera would make the stay all the better.

Regardless of the price tag, I’m certain that I have to buy a new camera.  When I had bought my Nikon Camera years ago, the price tag was $200.  However, now that technology has advanced, it has rendered useless, as my iPod’s camera quality is superior to it.  Although I can take pictures and photos with my iPod, when it is uploaded onto a full screen computer, they look fuzzy and there is little detail that shows.

I’ve been saving my money for over ten years to invest in something that I could greatly enjoy.  I’ve decided that a nice, compact, digital camera is the way to go.  Although it will cost me most of the money I have, I’m sure that it’ll be worth it.

If you have any camera or vlogging advice, please comment below and tell me.  Also, make sure to keep tuned for when I restart my YouTube channel this summer.  Thank you!



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