Five Reasons to Go Camping At National Parks

  1. Variety: The United States has 59 national parks, each one having extremely diverse landscapes and unique features to them.  For most areas, there is at least one national park in or near each state, so they are fairly easy to reach.  Even  if there may not be a national park around, there are still countless scenic areas in each state with campgrounds.
  2. Exercise: Hiking is great exercise in an enjoyable way.  Most hikes are scenic with life to see at every turn, and the long walks are definitely worth the view.
  3. Pictures: It’s practically effortless to take beautiful pictures that will impress everyone when the camera shot is filled with nature.
  4. Escaping the City: The difference from the atmosphere in a city compared to that of a national park is unbelievably different.  Each national park is its own little world where the chaos and stress that is found in the city is practically nonexistent.
  5. Knowledge: It’s surprising how much a person can learn about themselves and the world  when they are in nature.  It’s easier to think about the important things in life when there aren’t constant distractions from things such as electronics in the way.  Also, because landscapes untouched by man are so different from what is found in the city, national parks allow for endless learning about the natural world.

I highly recommend avoiding staying in hotels when camping, as it takes a great deal away from the experience.  Although seemingly tedious, using tents or even motor homes will almost certainly result in a better camping trip.  (Imagine falling asleep to the sound of a stream, crickets, or other wildlife, and waking up to beautiful nature, versus an empty hotel room.)

More Camping Pics (summer of 2011) 032


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