Monochrome Photography

This week I’ve decided to try something new by creating a blog post focused mainly on pictures instead of text.  As I was looking on wordpress, I found a few few photographers on the website, whose blog URLs will be listed at the end of this post.  Their photographs that inspired me the most were monochrome photographs because of how much emotion a black and white picture can capture.  I selected some pictures that I had taken during camping trips over the past two years and edited them to be monochrome.  It was interesting to see how much playing around with the color and exposure of a picture can change how it looks.

Now that I’ve discovered my love for black and white photos, I will probably edit the pictures that I take to change around their look.

DSCN3990 DSCN5111 DSCN6260 DSCN6311 IMG_4524 IPOD 20144 2248 IPOD 20144 2928

The following images and wordpress blogs were used as inspiration for this post:


Out of all the pictures I saw, this one was my favorite, because I loved how powerful the lights shining in the dark were.


This was my second favorite photo, as reflections in a picture give them a special touch.


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