Homework: Is it Harmful or Helpful?

In class I often hear students complain about their daily homework load and their reasons as to why they think teachers should assign less homework.  Although I agree that homework is tedious and sometimes stressful, I don’t believe that it is necessarily a bad thing.

The following article list a few reasons why homework may not be effective:


The writer claims that homework that is busy work, returned without feedback, or given to students before high school is not beneficial to students.  I agree with the first point, as homework has to be meaningful and slightly challenging to allow students to learn.  It is also true that they need feedback to know if they are doing things right or wrong, so they know what areas they need to improve on.  However, I disagree with the last point, as from first grade to eighth grade I learned the basics of every school subject from my homework.  Although the homework may have not been challenging, it helped me to remember and better understand the topics discussed in class.  Also, throughout these years of school I learned the importance of time management and always completing assignments.

Homework assignments raise my grades because they help me understand the concepts I am learning, allow me to expect what will be on the tests, and also gives me easy points towards my grade (Although the main goal should be learning, not earning high grades, grades often reflect a student’s knowledge on the subject).  One of the reasons students may believe homework is noneffective is because many of them procrastinate until the last minute (I’m guilty of doing this sometimes) or don’t try hard enough.  Students cannot learn if they don’t put the effort and time into completing their homework and studying.

* On a complete side note, you don’t have to be “smart” to EARN high grades.  To me, being smart means to put a full amount of effort into everything and understand how important the word “effort” is.  As long as a person studies and puts their best effort into everything they do, their grades show the work they put into things.


2 thoughts on “Homework: Is it Harmful or Helpful?

  1. Very nice blog post. I especially loved your side note at the end. I think it’s something that a lot of people, including myself, should realize. Even if you don’t believe yourself above average intelligence, you can still succeed through hard work. And I believe the same concept of effort is true in the opposite situation. Even if you DO believe yourself to be above average intelligence, without any effort it will be impossible to get anywhere. But anyway, I see that Orme has taught you well towards the end 🙂

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