Rumors: The Guide to the Whats and the Whys


Rumors are often like a bad game of telephone; by the time they reach a large group of people, the story often distorted from the original one.  This process can cause harmful dents in peoples’ reputations, as untrue rumors can easily spread like wildfire.

Why do people spread rumors?

People may spread rumors because of jealousy, in the hopes that they may ruin another person’s reputation.  However, usually people are just curious about other people’s lives, and when they hear something interesting about another person they want to tell other people about it as well.

Why is it that rumors often deviate from the truth?

Just because someone said something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.  This is important to keep in mind when a rumor is told, as people will often change a story to their liking so it is more interesting to tell to other people.

How can a person stop rumors about themselves?

Although it is hard to change peoples’ views on certain subjects, honesty can go a long way.  If a person has a reputation for being dishonest, people may believe what other people say before taking what they have to say into consideration.  It is also important to never fight fire with fire by starting a rumor war in response to what other people say.

Why is it important to ignore rumors?

Sometimes people spread rumors while not realizing how much it can affect others.  It’s important take other peoples’ feelings into consideration before adding onto the rumor spreading.

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