Things to Do, Places to See

Do you ever wonder how the world is outside of the place that you live, and all the experiences you could gain from travel?

I find it disheartening how many places there are in the world that I have never seen, as I have only traveled across the United States and a small portion of New Brunswick, Canada.  When I have the opportunity to, I plan on traveling to as many places that I am able to with a camera, so I can never forget all the places that I have seen.  I also want to buy a map and place a pin on every city that I have been to, so I can always be reminded of the world behind my wall.  I think it would also be interesting to develop all of the pictures I have taken and cover my walls with them, until my wallpaper is practically photographs.  I am almost as interested by the moments that a camera can capture as I am with travel.

My favorite types of articles to read are the ones that help me visualize how amazing the world can be, and how unique every country is.  These fuel onto my motivation to travel across the world. Some of my favorite articles that I have looked at recently are listed below:


The following picture was taken in Scotland, and it interested me because I had never seen such land forms or so many small waterfalls before in all of the places I have been to.

The following picture is of Glass Beach in California, and I had forgotten that I had visited it when I was younger until I had seen it in an article that listed some of the most beautiful places in the world.  This is a place that I would definitely love to visit again, and next time I would take pictures.


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