Being Alone: Positive or Negative?

To be alone is something that is often looked down upon, but why?  People always try so hard to fit in, and when they are alone, they feel as if they stick out.  When others see people that are alone, they tend to feel sorry for them, and wonder why there is no one else with them.  Especially at school, it is a common fear to have no one to sit with in class and at lunch.  Most people will judge those who don’t have any friends, instead of approaching them and offering their friendship.  The word almost always has a negative connotation, and even searching up the word “alone” in Google Images will result in black and white or silhouette pictures of people holding onto their legs, as if they are trying to hold themselves together.


Despite the negative connotations to the feeling of loneliness, being alone can actually be invigorating.  It is important to spend time with yourself, so that you can love yourself and fuel your own happiness, instead of expecting others to for you.



Most people fear the idea of being alone more than actually experiencing it, because despite all of the negative connotations about being alone, it can actually be enjoyable.  When being alone, your creativity can flow with no limitations.  No one but you can decide what to do with the time that is given to you.  If you want to make art, you can focus in a quiet environment to make amazing masterpieces.  If you want to travel into the nature, you can decide where you want to go and how long you want to stay.  Another thing that solitude gives you is the ability to enjoy a book without interruptions.  You can get lost in the world of literature without anyone pulling you out of it.  In this way, being by yourself gives you the ability to refuel.  When you’re alone, you can choose whatever you want to do without anyone telling you what you should or should not do.



The following video is an amazing example of how to turn the negative idea of loneliness into something that can be viewed positively.


One thought on “Being Alone: Positive or Negative?

  1. This is an excellent blog post. I also share your view on being alone and how great it can be. I personally love to be alone, it allows me to think clearer and enjoy the solitude. Nothing is better than sitting alone in your room while playing classical music and thinking intensely about life. We don’t need to act like anyone else when we’re alone, being alone always gives me peace of mind, I get to just be me. Solitude is truly magnificent, the silence is peaceful and absolute bliss. One can get lost in a book in solitude or meditate for just hours on end. I easily relate to this blog post and agree with it, being alone is a great feeling. No one should fear being alone, they should enjoy it for what it is. I look foward to reading your future blog posts.

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