Give Nature a Chance

     Hello!  As of today, I have started my journey into the blogging world.  I hope I’ll like blogging as much as I’m looking forward to it.

     One of the most important things in life is to try new things.  Whether it’s trying out a new genre of music, a different type of food, or exploring a new area, it keeps life exciting and people open-minded to all of the things the world has to offer.  In a poll that asked students if they had recently been outside of the area in which they live, multiple people said that they hadn’t.  This was shocking to me, as there is so much to see outside of the city.  In a world so big, I can’t help but be compelled to dream of traveling all around it one day.  The two top countries on my list are England and New Zealand, which I will probably make blog posts about during a later time.

*The map below depicts the diversity on Earth.*  I’d love to visit every type of biome in the future, as each one is extremely different.


     Over the summer vacation I was lucky enough to spend a month camping, and the experience was amazing.  Instead of flying on a plane, where we would have arrived to our destination in a matter of hours, my family decided to take the extremely long drive from Southern California to New Brunswick, Canada.  The majority of the time was spent visiting our relatives, but we also went to multiple places with amazing scenery.  The pictures featured below are only a few out of hundreds.

IPOD 20144 2046IPOD 20144 2795 IPOD 20144 2929 IPOD 20144 2942 IMG_4917 IMG_4602 IMG_4435

If you find the content of these pictures to be interesting, and that you rather see them in real life instead of behind a screen, I highly suggest you try something new: travel to a new area and give nature a chance.


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